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Constitution : Corruption Watch

Corruption Watch
(Anti-corruption based Social Welfare Organisation)
Village: garaikhali,
PO: garaikhali
P.S: paikagacha, District:



Section 1 (a) the company name: Corruption  Watch.
Article (two):
           (A) the company's current address: Village: garaikhali,
PO: garaikhali
                BMW: paikagacha, District:
Khulna, however, permission to register address changes katrpare
            B: the interests of the company karyyakramera
Khulna district offices be moved to any location.
Section 3 (three), the organization's work area:
Khulna jelate activities will be conducted. Registration with permission of the organization's activities katrpare
Jelate be another expansion.
Article 4 (four), and the company lya: -
            This is a arajanaitika, non-sectarian, voluntary organization of anti-corruption. One or more of the
            The main purpose of this organization and the work samajakalyanamulaka combination lya.
        1. It is a arajanaitika, non-sectarian voluntary anti-corruption agency. The government has declared all
           Anti-corruption public awareness should be created.
        The. Especially the work of local government transparency, and good governance of jababadihita janasacetanata
        3. Democracy, human rights, peace and the creation of a ganasacetanata.
        4. Ipiai Under a program for children with various diseases and eicaai tikadana V / AIDS
           Prevention of padape accepted.
        5. The government has declared the area of ​​population control and family planning to the implementation of the etra kalpe
           Successful implementation of various methods of birth control among the public through the regulation of janasankha
           Kalyanamukhi all
          Implementation of the program.
         6. Mother parents and children to manage activities, including the elderly and children nirarata elimination
            Implementation of the program.
         7. Agriculture, animal husbandry, matsyacasa, youth and women's cottage industry, science darji prasina and production.
         8. Harlot lay Occupation and employment assistance, and to grant eviction bhia Occupation
            To arrange.
         9. Health and clear about the cleanliness of the local niu udbuddhakarana men and women.
         10. Sports, cultural activities and relaxation accepted.
         11. Siara improve the quality of education institutions and students - students in a variety of competitive activities
         1. The issue of increasing income.
         13. Bandhutbapurna use of natural resources and ensure sanrana.

        14. Sisusaha for primary health care and elderly nutrition, disease prevention and well-arranged to ensure
            You can help by trying to keep bhamika.
        15. Asbacchala and torture of women and children, to provide legal assistance, legal counseling, and acid
           Terrorism birudbe build consensus.
        16. Backward community and social activities in all parts of the state are receiving.
        17. The public's attitude to develop the savings to provide advice. Illegal businesses, illegal hoarder, black
            The low weight of business, the goods would cost more, food - and has products in anti-adulteration
            Loop will be created for drabyadi urttirna janasacetanata. All customers - ensure that consumer rights
        18. Niscitakarane housing assistance to homeless and bastuharadera.
        19. To deal with natural disasters and the relief and assistance punabasane.
        0. Detection disabled persons, health services, and provide purnabasanera arrange prasina
            And established a school for disabled siara.
        1. Madakasaktadera purnabasana medical and social structure, and the public aware madakamukta
            The voter.
        Free. Shop, child marriages, multiple marriages, violence against women and children to create bandhe janasacetanata.
        3. Vulnerable elderly people receiving welfare to work.
        4. Widespread publicity for the registration of birth.
        5. To encourage people to use arsenic-free water.
        6. Basthabayana Liberation model, miserable - and panga unemployed freedom fighters, martyr freedom fighters, freedom fighters and family
            Class provides support for various types of employment and create purnabasanera leya.
        7. People in the development of literature, culture, people are lost and can be installed gunijanera prstaposakatara bastabadhami
         R The project will be accepted.
        8. Lya widespread publicity for the organization and the magazine, the monthly
           Magazines, bulletins, posters, leaflets, banners, digital banners, etc., can be arranged.
        9. Dusthya free medical services to patients or orphans.
        30. Kanyadayagrastha financial assistance to families and the bleak buildings home to help people out.
        31. Gaming, chat liquor, drug, gymnasium, Plant Health, coracalanidera ghati, local
           Government corruption, etc., to identify and sbajanapriti.
        3. Law enforcement agencies, newspapers, etc., through postarim abayakaridera against society
          Haoya speaking.

Article 5 (five): policy:

             1. The government's anti-corruption policy, the order - and follow the instructions to be basthabayana.
             The. Foundation is a non-profit management.
            3. Arajanaitika and completely non-sectarian, the company will be managed.
            4. Follow the policy of democratic transparency, and corruption free management of jababadihita.

            5. Disadvantaged in society, deprived populations pascadapada and welfare benefits have been achieved.

Article: 6 (six) members / sadasya be eligible:
            1. Kamape persons aged 18 years or more of its members - may be eligible for sadasya.
Khulna district who are permanently resident.
            3. To be a citizen.
            4. Lya organizations to implement the objectives and interests of every person.
            5. The public interest and welfare of every person.
            6. Nominated members.

Section 7 (seven), a member of class division:
            1. Sadharana member-organizations, and set it on purpose and leyara ekatbata with the contribution payment
            The. Donor member, and the purpose of the organization and will be published at a time ekatbata leyara with 5,000 /
             - (Five thousand) or more than the amount of money per person jamadanakari.
            3. A.. Life member, and the purpose of the organization and will be published at a time leyara with ekatbata
            10,000 (ten thousand) per person jamadanakari.
               B: The purpose of the organization and will be published leyara ekatbata with 10,000 (ten thousand) higher
               Or more of the value of land or resources samaparimana danakari person.

Article: 8 (eight), a member of the:

               1. Byabahrata application will be determined by 1 member to register. Apply to individual newspaper is interested in
                 Profile and promising field of application will be carefully recorded.
               The. Protractor set to be submitted with the application letter.
               3. Member of the Executive Committee katrka line application approved / pending / rejectable.
               4. A member of the admission fee / levy, etc., will be determined by the Executive Committee katrka. Professional Executive Committee's decision
                 Member - will be applicable for sadasyara.
Section 9 (not) a member of the right of Facility:

               1. Member - sadasya general meeting of the Council and will be effective.
               The. The index is part of the topic would enjoy the right of expression and thought
                 Do not.
               3. To be able to vote in elections.
               4. The purpose of the organization and the help and cooperation provided by lya basthabayane intense.
              5. Mechanisms of the - sub-section under Membership / sadasya be entitled to the benefits of consumption.

Article 10 (ten), a member of the temporary suspension or cancellation:

             1. Any member / sadasya consecutive 3 (three) months of the regular payment of the levy.
             The. Consecutive 3 (three) meetings of the Executive Council icchakrtababe missing.
             3. The purpose of the organization and lya / paripanthi interests involved, and if the evidence.
             4. If you voluntarily resign.
             5. The organization charged with funding the List.
             6. Any member / sadasya karadandita court offense, if any.
             7. Any member / sadasya court declared bankrupt if financial katrka.
             8. Any member / sadasya organization will leave the country without permission or a permanent residence bidese
             9. Any member / sadasya have died.

Article: 11 (eleven), a member of the re-employed:

             1. -10 And under sub-section 01-09, according to someone sadasya / sadasyapada suspended / canceled when he
             Do not selfish to support the opportunity for profit.
             The. Written with the Executive Committee of the application submitted by explicit reasons and can not be explained.
             3. Member of the Executive Committee / sadasya of arthritis, and looks at the effective application paryalocanante
              Applicants will be notified in writing.
             4. Siddhantakrame the Executive Committee of the cancellation / suspension will be considered eligible for membership purnabahala.

Article 1 (twelve), the Executive Council's capacity and responsibility:
             A.. The general council.
             Ii. The Executive Committee.
             Iii. Temporary Council.
             1. Common Council:
             General members, life members and donors will be comprised of members of general councils.
             The. The Council's work area:
             1. Sarbecca matara to the general council.
             The. Crrantabhabe general council of the annual budget will be approved.
             3. Niriara estimates are reviewed and approved the report.
             4. Mechanisms of any clause / sub-section to change / modify / amend matara to the right.
             5. General Assembly session and the (two) will be held once a year. Special needs
             You can call more than one session.
             6. The general structure and the members of the Executive Council will be entitled to vote.
             7. Executive Committee / punr: the establishment of the Election Commission to be constituted.

             8. The interests of the organization's decision to provide any other.
             9. Any new project / program has been approved.
             10. Nibandhikarana katrpare built near Executive Committee for approval has been submitted.
             11. General Assembly meeting of the interim council was formed.
             1. Because of unavoidable reasons, the four-fifth of the total members and all members of the registration sammatikrame
                 Sapee organization to accept the existence of katrpare abalupta matara owner.
Article 13 (thirteen): Executive Committee:
            07 (seven) members will be comprised of the Executive Committee. The selection of Council members sadharana
                 Members will be selected through samuhe niuokta terms.
             1. Gold: 1 (one) were
             The. Vice-president: 1 (one) were
             3. General Secretary: 1 (one) were
             4. Vice-general secretary: 1 (one) were
             5. Kosadhya: 1 (one) were
             6. Executive member, and (one) were

Article 14 (Note): The Executive Committee of the circuit:

             1. Lya organization's executive committee and policy implementation will be accepted for the program.
             The. Siddhantabali session of the General Assembly to accept padape.
             3. Mechanisms clause / sub-clause honor.
             4. The Council of the (two) years and a draft budget for the General Assembly session and the presentation of the pranayana.
            5. In the interest of proper project / program and the implementation of the General Assembly adopted anumodanakrame.
6. Tatparata always running for the growth of the organization's funds.
            7. Mechanisms of any clause / sub-section to change / modify / review the proposed amendment to the members
              General Assembly session will be presentations and meetings siddhantakrame.
             And 8.0 (two) year terms for members of the executive committee of elected members will be employed. Expiration date
              Member of the Executive Committee members are selected after urttirnera appropriate terms will be employed.
              End after the expiration of the appropriate executive committee puna: structure and nibandhaakarana katrpare
               Aneumodana to be accepted.
             9. General Assembly meeting to be held.
             10. If necessary, the Committee on 3 / 5 members sub-committee will be formed and dbayitbabali arpana.
             11. Ranabena of the immovable and movable property.
             1. Janabala institution appointed / dismissed / removed at the owner matara.

             13. Janabala pranayana niyogabidhi and employment terms and conditions of employment, pay employees, pay
                 Increase. Patonnati / demotion of such dbayitbabali.
             14. In the name of the organization's funding, and cost estimates can be calculated exactly sanrana.

Article: 15 (fifteen): Temporary Committee:

             1. Nahena erupa interested in the 5 (five) members of the interim council was formed.
             The. The public - private co-ordinates the organization of a temporary council to be formed.
             3. Council's temporary expiration of 3 (three) months to be effective.
             4. Sustha how to manage the organization.
             5. Antabartikalina time to complete the process within the executive committee and dbayitbabhara arpana purnagathana up.
             6. The immovable and movable property and money can be calculated exactly sanrana.

 Article: 16 (Sixteen), and the capacity of members of the Executive dbayitbabali:
     A.. Responsibility and the president matabali:
            1. President of the Executive Council as well as all the major responsibility of the person to do.
            The. Sadharana president and executive session, the Council will do.
            3. Siddhantabalite The meeting will be independent.
            4. President of the Government / Non - governmental organizations and meetings / seminars / workshops will represent the organization
            And the other member of such a response can arpana.
            5. Ranabena of immovable and movable property and hand over.
            6. Ayabrddhira president of the organization's funds, and always try to drive.
            7. The greater interest of the organization's contracts with other companies / independent record will be compromised.
            8. He was appointed official - tadaraki employees do not work.
            9. He was general editor / kosadhyare with the responsibility of the bank account will paricalanara.
    B) The vice-president dbayitbabali:
            1. Anupasthite president vice-president of the organization will have overall responsibility.
            The. Co-president of global program management of the overall cooperation will sabhapatike.
            3. Karyanibahi and general co-operation will enable the implementation of Council decisions.
4. The organization's efforts for promoting the growth of any other income.




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